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Welcome to Geebamu International, Inc.

We are committed to giving back to the Liberian community. Geebamu International, Inc. provides support to help strengthen the health care systems in urban and rural Liberia by providing critically needed medical supplies and services to hospitals, clinics, and other health centers in the Country.

  • We are committed to providing “One-Meal-Per-Day” and also literary campaign “Learn-One-Sentence-Per-Day” to the rural and urban poor communities in Liberia
  • We are composed of hardworking and passionate team members who dedicate themselves to serving the women, men, and children who require our help.

Additionally, Geebamu International, Inc. plans to provide training to local medical providers in modern medical treatments and application of medications, and training to local medical lab technicians in the use of modern medical lab technologies and processes. If you have further questions about our organization, please call us at +1-443-416-6764.

Healthcare Services

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Educational Services

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Our Mission Statement Come Let’s Go!

At Geebamu International, Inc., it is our primary mission to help the disadvantaged, to alleviate poverty, and to improve the quality of life in the rural and urban areas of Liberia. More specifically, we aim to provide educational assistance and to provide training and support…

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